Our Message to You

Lead Service Line Replacement Work in Flint, Michigan (Source: City of Flint)

Hello Friend. Thank you for visiting our community. We wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge those working in the drinking water regulatory and public water supply sectors. Although it is a very challenging period for those involved in these sectors (and its ~150,000 Public Water Systems), we know that you will rise to the challenges of today, tomorrow, and in to the future.

So, what is our message to you? Our message is thank you for your endless desire, hard work, and dedication to collaborate and work together to improve quality of life. To protect public health. Public health in communities. All communities!

Thank you to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, state primacy agencies, public water systems, public health agencies, and of course, the people throughout the communities.

Working together is the most powerful solution to all of our problems.

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